The NEW NORDIC ONE BEDROOM home is a 775 sq feet luxury home designed and developed by KUMAR & HOILUND in a modern, international style with a Scandinavian flavour.



The NEW NORDIC ONE BEDROOM home features:

  • Bright central hallway.
  • Spacious eat-in kitchen with two terrace doors to the garden.
  • Living room with large sliding door to a shaded terrace.
  • Spacious, modern bathroom in a clean design.
  • Spacious bedroom with large built-in wardrobe and large sliding door to a shaded terrace.
  • Enclosed courtyard for service and storage.


The NEW NORDIC ONE BEDROOM home is based on state-of-the-art Scandinavian building technology:

  • All facades are made from corrosion proof concrete offering an exceptional smooth finish and long-term low maintenance.

  • The high-insulated wall system has been designed to minimize the daily energy consumption. This not only benefits the environment but also lowers the daily energy costs when compared to other houses.
  • Integrated lockable and movable louvres work as burglar-proof system, as well as sun shading for keeping a cool indoor atmosphere.
  • Advanced pre-fab construction process results in a faster construction time.
  • Rapid, efficient construction, which gives a short delivery time, much faster than traditional building methods.

The NEW NORDIC ONE BEDROOM home is for the customers who want their new luxury home delivered on time and on budget.



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